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The Pre-Sessional program provides students with the English and classroom skills they need to transition to academic life in the United States. You may enter the program in the spring, summer, or fall and progress into the Extended Accelerator Program.

Program Details

Program Length
Total Credits
Earned Toward
VariesPlanned – all courses exclusive to Accelerator studentsNot applicableGrade of C or higherExtended Accelerator Program

Entry Requirements

To apply for the Pre-Sessional English add-on program at American University, you should have at least the following qualifications:

GPATOEFL® for EntryIELTS for EntryPTE for EntryEIKEN for EntryiTEP for EntryOther Standardized Tests Required
Only one of the scores below required
3.0 (unweighted)605.0402A3.0None
GPATOEFL® for EntryIELTS for EntryPTE for EntryEIKEN for EntryiTEP for EntryOther Standardized Tests Required
Only one of the scores below required
3.0 (unweighted)504.536-39Pre-22.5None

Progression Plan Standards: Pre-sessional English Undergraduate

The Progression Plan is the guiding principle for the courses of action taken for students as they progress from one program level to another. Students are expected to meet academic standards enumerated and detailed below. Students who meet standards may be placed into higher levels of ELTA and/or the Extended Accelerator Program (EAP; 3 semesters), at which point they will be considered IAP students.

General Standards

  1. For the general purposes of university degree and program requirements, students will be governed by the catalog year in effect for the academic year in which they are admitted to the ELTA program.
  2. Students must enroll in all courses defined in the ETLA curriculum within their level.
  3. Upon successful completion of the ELTA program level 5 curriculum, students may transfer into the Extended Accelerator program if they meet the progression standards set below and obtain the minimum GPA standards.
  4. Compliance with American University academic regulations and standards as outlined in the American University academic integrity code.

Attendance Requirements

  • Regular class attendance for all students is required to ensure students meet the goals of the program; a minimum of 90% class attendance is required to progress to the next level.
  • Failure to meet the enrollment and attendance requirements may lead to deportation due to loss of immigration status. Full details of visa requirements can be found in the AU Catalog. Students who receive grades of FX and ZX will be academically dismissed.

Language Proficiency Placement

All admitted students are required to take a post-arrival English proficiency test administered by ELTA.  This test is administered to determine placement into the appropriate level at ELTA.

Progression Details

  1. To progress to the next level within the Pre-sessional program, students must achieve a letter grade of “C” or better in each ELTA course.
  2. To progress into the Extended Accelerator Program, students must complete ELTA Level 5 coursework with a letter grade of “C” or better in each ELTA course.
  3. If a student receives less than a grade of C in any ELTA course, the student is required to repeat the entire level of courses in to progress to the next ELTA level Extended Accelerator Program.
  4. Students will maintain full-time study in compliance with the regulations of ELTA and visa requirements, including at least 90% class attendance.
  5. Students are permitted to repeat one ELTA level one time while maintaining compliance with AU immigration standards, AU Undergraduate Academic Regulations, and AU Student Conduct Code. Requests to extend ELTA attendance further due to extenuating circumstances must be submitted to and approved by the ELTA Director.

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