• 1BR Double: $3,500
  • 2BR Double: $3,000
  • Private Single: $7,500

*subject to availability

**students making their selection before March 15th are eligible for $1000 off the prices above

Benefits of staying in summer include:

  • Available housing – no need to sign a year-long lease or a more expensive short-term lease.
  • Stay in existing housing – you don’t have to move your belongings to storage.
  • No visa challenges – stay in the US, then seamlessly progress to the fall semester.
  • Time for work experience – focus on building your career by taking a full-time internship with Career Premium , or working on campus.
  • Less time, same credits – get ahead for fall by taking a full semester of credits over the summer.
  • Discounted housing rates – summer students can enjoy an exclusive discount of up to 70% off

Please discuss with an ISSS Advisor whether it is possible for you to remain in Washington, DC after the completion of your IAP or American Collegiate DC program in the summer.