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Hear why these international students chose American University and what their experience is like so far.

Li, China
Master’s: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Li, a recent Auburn Global and Auburn University alumna, gained practical, hands-on experience during her clinical residency as a graduate intern at Auburn Global. Throughout the semester Li worked closely with an Auburn Global Reading and Writing class, providing assistance with classroom activities and teaching some classes on her own.

Rahul, India
Master's: Chemical Engineering

“Auburn is a melting pot of cultures. I’ve made friends from more than 15 countries during my time here by going to different campus events, which made me feel comfortable and right at home. Everyone in Auburn, including complete strangers, greets you when you walk by. This feeling of belonging is the Auburn family.”

Ailee image

Ailee, China

Public Administration (Graduate)

"My first impression is that American University is a really beautiful campus."

Kevin image

Kevin, China

Studying Accounting

“I came to American University for several reasons. I think Washington D.C. is a great city. There is so much great beauty here, and great museums. There are a lot of opportunities for finding internships, or communicating with native English speakers."

Ziqi image

Ziqi, China

Studying Business Administration (Undergraduate)

“Our advisor is really nice, and is really concerned about us. She asks about our lives, classes, and studies. It’s quite comfortable to study here.”

XinXin image

XinXin, China

Studying Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Graduate)

“When I started my first class, it was a big surprise to me because both the professors and advisors are very caring and very nice. They’re always here to help us.”

Auburn Global plans events and arranges opportunities to help me make American friends. This has allowed me to become more confident. I also enjoy meeting with my student services advisor because it gives me another opportunity to improve my speaking skills.

Natcha, Thailand
Nelson, Kenya
Major: Chemical Engineering

In celebration of World Poetry Day on March 21, more than 50 students gathered to witness a poetry contest hosted by the Peace Corps at Auburn, the International Buddy Program, and Auburn Global. Ten students competed with an array of original and famous poems. Nelson Muthanji, Auburn Global student and avid poet, served as the host of the event and was awarded first place for his original poem entitled “Time.”

Lorem, US
Computer Science

Adventures with Arjit and Jacob:
Arjit and Jacob met during their freshman year through Auburn Global and became fast friends. Jacob was a Global Guide (student orientation leader) from Birmingham and Arjit was an incoming freshman from India. After orientation ended they played soccer together and hung out with friends often, developing a friendship that crossed oceans. Arjit and Jacob’s first adventure was a road trip to Miami, Florida with a group of friends.

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