Campus Culture at AU

Thrive, experience, and live with students from countries across the globe on AU’s main campus, located minutes from downtown D.C., the capital of the United States.

AU campus highlights

  • 6.5 km from downtown D.C.
  • Sprawling, green campus space
  • Free shuttle service to help you move about campus
  • A student body represented by 20+ countries and all 50 states

Traveling Around Campus

AU has multiple modes of transportation across campus, so you can move, roam, dine, and study with ease.


Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus: The The AU Shuttle offers free shuttle service across campus.



Biking is a convenient, healthy, budget-friendly, and eco-conscious way to travel around campus and to explore the region. Capital Bikeshare also has over 3000 bikes available throughout the city.



Walk to class on the main campus.

Adventuring beyond campus?

Easy options to get you where you need to go include the Metro university pass, Ride Amigos, and AU Rideshare.

Safety and Security

AU emphasizes safety on campus through a variety of options designed to help you feel secure.

Public Safety provides diverse security-related services, including escorts, safe rides, surveillance, self-defense classes, and text alerts, plus ID cards, parking permits, bicycle registration, and more.

AU Alerts use text and voice applications to notify the campus community in case of an emergency. All members are automatically enrolled upon admittance or hire.

RAVE Guardian app offers links to Public Safety and includes options such as a panic button and personal guardians.

Staying Active and Healthy

On-campus life at AU is filled with opportunities for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

The Student Center provides medical and preventive services, including routine immunizations, screenings, and coordinated care for chronic conditions.

The Counseling Center provides free and confidential services, including individual consultations, group therapy, self-help support, and referrals.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion serves as a resource on issues of equity through education, outreach, and advocacy. 

The Wellness Center offers a safe, nondiscriminatory environment and resources that promote a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Can you guess the most popular degree?

At American, nearly 2,000 students major in international studies. This famous and highly respected program is a great choice if you’re considering a career in government, diplomacy, public service, or advocacy.

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