Master’s Accelerator Degrees

American University offers a wide variety of master’s or postgraduate degrees for international students. Explore the different areas of study below to find the master’s program that best fits your educational and career goals.

icon-kogod-schoolKogod School of Business

As a top-ranked business school (CEO Magazine), the Kogod School of Business provides you with a rigorous education, a valuable professional network, and active career development. As an international student, you’ll join a diverse group of 1,000+ business students from around the world.

Top employers of graduates include Deloitte, EY, the World Bank, FINCA International, and FTI Consulting.

Note: The Kogod School of Business does not accept students from the Pre-Sessional English program.

icon-college-ofCollege of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences is where research, diversity, and critical thinking combine to provide a challenging education. Whether you study art, economics, or education, you’ll do more than learn in the classroom. You’ll also have research and internship opportunities at organizations like the National Institute of Health or the Urban Institute.

Top employers of graduates include the World Bank, BBC News, AIG, the Peace Corps, and the Smithsonian Institution.

icon-more-supportSchool of Public Affairs

Interested in a career that makes a difference for the world? U.S. News & World Report highly ranks the School of Public Affairs’ postgraduate programs for Political Science, Public Administration, and Public Policy. You’ll learn from award-winning professors, conduct research, and face complex national and international public affairs issues. All in the policy-planning capital of the United States: Washington, DC.

Top employers of graduates include Global Health Corps, Oxfam, Deloitte, the U.S. Department of State, and the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

AMU-icon-ac-7000-undergraduateSchool of Education

Since 1982, American University School of Education's International Training and Education Program (ITEP) has provided an ideal environment for students who want to further their skills and experiences. ITEP offers a unique, 30-credit Master of Arts (MA) program that provides students with a strong foundation in theory, principles, and practice in international education and training.

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