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  • Just the right amount of support when you need it. The Academic Accelerator Program features a curriculum designed to accommodate your academic and English-language needs.
  • Credit-bearing courses, so it is possible to earn a full freshman year’s worth of credits while taking courses tailored to your needs as an international student, helping you achieve your academic and career goals.
  • English-language instruction to meet your needs, both socially and academically; for example, you will be prepared specifically for the classes you will take, such as algebra and U.S. history.
  • Integrated with open and closed courses, so you’ll be in some classes with U.S. students and others with your designated AAP cohort.

The Academic Accelerator Program (AAP) is a two-term program which requires successful completion of at least 24 academic credits transferable to a bachelor’s degree at American University. Students may complete the program in as few as two semesters. Should students require the full three terms to complete requirements for successful progression, students may enroll in a reduced course load in their final term if all other program requirements are met. Visit our progression requirements page for further information.


The AAP offers an advanced curriculum track designed for students prepared to take more challenging English-language
courses starting with their first term. Students will take a higher level of English-language courses, while still benefitting
from the wraparound academic and cultural support of the Undergraduate Accelerator.

Entry Requirements

GPA TOEFL® for Entry IELTS for Entry PTE for Entry EIKEN for Entry iTEP for Entry Other Standardized Tests Required
Only one of the scores below required
3.0 (unweighted) 74, with all subscores above 15 and at least one subscore below 20 6.0, no subscore below 5.5 50, no subscore below 46 Pre-1 4.0, no subscore below 3.5 None

Note: Many degree programs have unique entry and progression requirements based on academic background and performance. Some programs may require a higher grade point average (GPA) for entry and/or progression. Make sure to check the progression requirements for any degree programs you’re interested in pursuing.

All students will take an English language assessment test during their orientation. This test is the primary means for final placement and could vary from the preliminary placement identified on your offer letter. As a result, the length of study may be longer than originally anticipated, and involve additional costs including tuition and other fees.

For students looking to enroll in the advanced track of the AAP, English score requirements for admission may vary.

Sample Coursework

AUX I (CORE-196) 1.5 College Writing (WRT-100) 3
Academic Writing Skills (ELTA-101) 3 Intercultural Understanding (OGIS-130) 3
Culture of U.S. Higher Education (ELTA-160) 3 Major/Elective 3
Major/Elective 3 Major/Elective 3
Major/Elective 3

Note: Students must earn grade of “C” or better in all Required Courses and B- or better in all ELTA courses. All program students must complete remedial coursework in each term. Courses that satisfy the remedial standard are Live, Learn, Grow (OGIS 062) and ELTA 160. All students must comply with minimum F1 visa course enrollment requirements while in the International Accelerator program. See progression requirements for further information.

Courses and credits vary depending on advising, availability, and admission term.

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