Pre-Arrival & Orientation

Welcome to American University!

On behalf of the International Accelerator Program team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to American University (AU) community. Located in Washington DC, the capitol of the United States, AU is one of the top-ranked universities in the country. We use DC as our laboratory for learning, providing students with high-impact educational practices that give them the knowledge and experience to succeed. AU students are encouraged to explore their interests and find what they are passionate about. If you are looking for engaging classes combined with hands-on experiential learning, then you have come to the right place! Here at the International Accelerator Program, we will take the time to help you adjust both to the culture of the United States and to life at American University to help you make the most out of your studies. The next few days will be a wonderful adventure, full of exploration, learning and making new friends. I wish you the best in the year ahead, and again, welcome to American University!


Let the Monumental Journey Begin!

Coming January 2022

Day One

Wednesday, January 5

9:00 am – Welcome Remarks from the Managing Director
9:30 am – Your Academic Setting
11:00 am – Student Services
12:00 pm – Break
1:00 pm – COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
2:00 pm – Student University IDs
3:00 pm – Campus Tour

Day Two

Thursday, January 6

9:00 am – Student Involvement & Activities
10:00 am – International Student & Scholar Services
11:00 am – Introduction to Academic Technology
12:00 pm – Break
1:00 pm – COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
2:00 pm – U-Pass Transportation Card
3:00 pm – Banking in the US & Shopping Options

Day Three

Friday, January 7

9:00 am – Safety
10:00 am – Health & Wellness
11:00 am – Break
1:00 pm – COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
2:00 pm – Student IDs
3:00 pm – Campus Tour


Welcome to the American University IAP and ACDC academic support resources page. Here, you can find information on your tutor, navigating the university’s academics, and how to get help from other university offices. See the table of contents below!

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is an intellectual home for all American University students. Our consultations are structured to maintain these philosophies as we strive to provide agency and access to all students. Following the National Council of Teachers of English, we believe that “language is powerful, empowering individuals to explore and change themselves and their worlds. We “stand strongly for the use of fact-based reasoning, writing, and communication to build a better, more ethical, more engaged nation,” and AU.

The Writing Center supports American University’s commitment to promoting academic writing skills and student-centered learning for every student. Our cooperative approach offers skilled peer to peer coaching. We maintain distinguished academic standards for ourselves and as an extension, for all writers who visit us. As active scholars, we are dedicated to inclusive excellence, writing and the teaching of writing, and promoting the development of writers across disciplines, genre conventions, and styles.

One-on-one tutoring support for Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Finance, Psychology, and SISU

Tutoring support for Math, Statistics, Computer Science, and Physics.

Academic integrity essentially means “intellectual honesty”: honesty in the use of information, in formulating arguments, and in other activities related to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It is a core principle that underpins how we live and learn in a community of inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your academic course schedule is available through the MyAU portal. Once you have created your account and logged in, choose Academics and then Eagle Service – Student Planning. Class details such as the day, time, location, and professor name and email address can all be found here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to see your schedule, please click on the video below

While many professors make grades available in Canvas, the university’s official grades are reported through the MyAU portal

The most common reason that students become locked out of their MyAU portal is due to a required password update. If your password has expired, the AU Helpdesk ( will be able to help you reset it. To avoid this situation, always update your password as soon as you see the notification letting you know that a password update is required.

Unfortunately no. The IAP requires continuous enrollment.

Extended Accelerator Program
  • Live, Learn & Grow: Foundations
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • ELTA 071: AU in the World
  • University Math Requirement
Academic Accelerator Program
  • CORE 101: AUx1 The AU Experience
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • ELTA 160: Culture of US Higher Education
  • Habits of Mind Course
  • Elective

Health & Wellness

To schedule an appointment, schedule it online via the student health portal, or call 202.885.3380 and press 1 & 2. When you schedule your appointment online, it allows you to view all available appointments and enables you to select the available appointment.

The Health Promotion and Advocacy Center (HPAC) is the home for student-centered wellness resources at AU, with programs and initiatives to support healthy lifestyles, reduce high-risk behaviors, and empower students to take charge of their own health and lives at AU and beyond.

The AU Counseling Center Services

All of services at the AU Counseling Center are free and confidential, protected by law and ethical standards. Whatever your concerns, a confidential conversation with a Counseling Center clinician is a good place to start. Here are some of the options available to you through the Counseling Center:

Visit for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 on campus.

Individuals with F-1 student visa status are required to show proof of COVID vaccination in order to enter the US. Vaccinations must align with the US’s approved list of COVID-19 vaccines. Only two exceptions apply:

  1. Student is from a country with limited COVID-19 vaccine availability (see list here).
  2. Student is under 18 at the time of travel.

Additionally, fully vaccinated travelers must show results of a negative coronavirus test taken three days before their flight’s departure from a foreign country traveling to the United States.

Travelers who are not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers meeting the above-listed exceptions will be required to show results of a negative coronavirus test taken one day preceding their flight’s departure from a foreign country traveling to the United States.

If neither vaccine exceptions apply to you and you remain unvaccinated, you may not be able to enter the US on the date of your scheduled travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students, staff and faculty with a campus presence must participate in regular testing to screen for COVID-19. Testing is mandatory and free of charge. Please note: ONLY those with a campus presence may test; if you are not on campus, you must test with your provider or at a community testing site.

Click HERE for more information.

The Student Health Center remains open for students.

Hours of operation: Monday—Friday, 8 am—5:00 pm

If you’re a student and have health-related questions or concerns, please reach out to the Student Health Center via secure messaging (within the Student Health Portal) and you’ll hear back from your provider within one business day.

To schedule an appointment, schedule it online via the student health portal, or call 202.885.3380 and press 1 & 2. When you schedule your appointment online, it allows you to view all available appointments and enables you to select the available appointment.

Please see more information at

Schedule an Appointment HERE

Yes! During these trying times, with COVID-19, students are faced with a myriad of issues. The IAP Insurance Provider, Wellfleet, understands that these problems exist and is here to make the lives of students easier. Therefore, they have put these policies in place.

Please click HERE for more information.

Call 833-381-8545 for professional medical advice at any time.
Available to all AU students.
For a list of Urgent Care Facilities near campus, please visit this page:

Meal Plans

What is a Meal Plan?

A Meal Plan consists of Meal Swipes and Eaglebucks and may be purchased by actively enrolled students. This page provides information regarding Meal Plans at American University, including details about rates, requirements, usage, and terms and conditions.

For additional information and questions, please contact One Card & Dining Services at 202-885-CARD (2273) or email

Frequently Asked Questions

All-Access Plan ($3,157/semester)

This plan provides unlimited TDR visits, as well as 5 meal exchanges per week, and $100 Eaglebucks.

175 Block Plan ($2,527/semester)

This plan provides 175 meals per semester, approximately 10-11 meals per week, plus $400 Eaglebucks.

100 Block Plan ($1,644/semester)

This plan provides 100 meals per semester, approximately 6 meals per week, plus $400 Eaglebucks.

50 Block Plan ($719/semester)

This plan provides 50 meals per semester plus $100 Eaglebucks.

$800 Eaglebucks ($800/semester)

This plan provides 800 Eaglebucks and no meal swipes.

Meal Plans consist of meal swipes and Eaglebucks.

Meal Swipes are the total number of swipes associated with a particular meal plan. For example if a student is enrolled in a 100 Block Meal Plan the total amount of swipes available for that meal plan are 100 Swipes.

A swipe is deducted from a student’s account each time the Meal Plan is utilized. All swipes will expire at the end of every semester. There is no rollover for swipes.

Eaglebucks are dollar amounts added to the meal plan account when a meal plan is purchased. The balance (in dollars) decreases when the student makes a purchase (in dollars) from the account. These are used at on-campus and off-campus dining locations. Additional Eaglebucks can be added ot the account through Unused Eaglebucks will carry foward throughout a community members tenure at American University.

Meal Exchanges allow a student to use one swipe from their meal plan in exchange for a meal from an AU Dining Retail location. A meal exchange consists of an enrtree, side and a drink.

Meal Swipes and Meal Exchange can only be utilized at dining locations managed and operated by AU Dining. For more information on AU Dining Retail locations visit the AU Dining website.

Minimum Meal Plan Requirements are based on the Housing License Terms and Conditions as agreed upon by Housing & Residence Life. Students living on campus are required to have a minimum 175 Block Meal Plan.

Disability-Related Accommodations
Students who have a disability-related dietary need(s), such as a food allergy that substantially limits their dining experience are strongly encouraged to make the university aware of their accommodation needs as early as possible. To request disability-related dining accommodations, please complete the Getting Started with Disability Accommodations request form.

For more information about accommodations, please visit the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) website titled “Registering for Accommodations,” or contact the ASAC at or calling 202.885.3360.

Religious Considerations
On occasion, students’ religious observance necessitates consideration academic, housing, or food-related purposes. If you have a need for such a religious consideration, you may submit a request through Kay Spiritual Life Center.

Economic Considerations
The office of One Card & Dining Services does not make exceptions to the mandatory meal policy based on economic reasons.

Please refer to American University’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page that reflect current policies and resources. This page is designed to provide the AU community with up-to-date answers to help you navigate the university’s response to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Deep cleaning and strict safety measures will be implemented for all food service operations as explained in detail on the University COVID-19 FAQ page.

Physical distancing will be in place in both production and service areas following local health department guidelines, CDC recommendations and university requirements. All Dining employees (managers and associates) must attend mandatory training on ServSafe COVID-19.

To ensure physical distancing and provide appropriate cleaning time, the closing hours of the dining program will be adjusted. Previously open until 2:00 a.m., locations in the tunnel will now close at 12:00 a.m.


Now that you will be finishing your time with the International Accelerator Program, you will need a new I-20 for your degree program. This is because you will be undergoing an F-1 change of level. First, you will need to successfully meet all progression requirements of program. Second, you will need submit required financial documents. Submit the AU Certification of Finances form and supporting financial documents to:

The student health insurance that you purchased with the International Accelerator Program is valid for one calendar year. For example, if you entered in Fall 2019, your insurance coverage is valid from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020. Therefore, you will need to obtain Health Insurance from American University for your next academic year, beginning in August 2020.

As an international accelerator student, you would have paid for everything before arriving in the US. Housing, dining, tuition, health insurance, etc, and you were billed for the entire duration of your program (1, 2 or 3 terms). Now that you are transitioning to your academic degree program, you will be billed by the Office of Student Accounts for each of these elements on a semester-by-semester basis. to:

This will depend on where you are living next year. Since on-campus housing options generally do not include a kitchen, if you will be living on campus next year, it makes sense for you to purchase a meal plan. If you will be living off campus next year, you may have your own kitchen and you may not want a meal plan, but you are free to purchase one anyway.

Please see the links below for information about AU Meal plans, as well as how to register for them.

In the International Accelerator Program, you were required to live in Program Housing, either on campus or off campus. Now that you will be progressing our of our program, you will need to arrange for your housing for the next academic year. If you like your current program housing and would like to stay, please let your current IAP advisor know as soon as possible (this is for off-campus program housing only), as this may be possible, depending on availability. Otherwise, please use the resources below.

While you were in the International Accelerator Program, your Student Services Advisor was your “one stop” for all of your questions. Now that you will be progressing to your degree program, there are different offices that can support your different needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may apply for a social security number ONLY if you have been offered a job on-campus or if you have been granted practical training (CPT or OPT) employment authorization (keep in mind that practical training options are generally not available to new students). An SSN will be given to you for employment purposes only, NOT for purposes such as applying for credit cards, renting an apartment, etc.

If you do have a job offer and need an SSN, you must apply for a social security number through your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. If the SSN is for an on-campus job you must first bring your offer letter to ISSS because an ISSS advisor must sign off on the letter from your hiring department. For the SSA location nearest you, please visit the Office of Social Security and type in your zip code. You may also call 1-800-772-1213 or visit International Students and Social Security. You may download the social security application (Form SS-5) online.

To request an appointment with a Career Coach, follow these steps:

  • Log into Handshake
  • Go to the “Career Center” drop down menu located at the top right-hand of your profile
  • Click on “Appointments”
  • Click on “Schedule A New Appointment” and select your preferred campus or virtual outlet with the topic of “General Career Counseling”

The total hours of your employment on campus cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week when you are in classes and 30 hours per week during breaks.

Yes, but the total hours cannot exceed a maximum of 20 hours per week between both employers. You must obtain authorization from ISSS.

Yes. If you are planning to work off-campus in the U.S. you must get authorization for either Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). To apply for either of these F-1 employment benefits, you must view the online employment workshop on the ISSS website, or attend a live employment workshop hosted by ISSS. You must complete the workshop acknowledgement form and set up an appointment to meet with an ISSS advisor before engaging in any type of off-campus employment. Find all the information here on the F-1 Employment page.

No, you must be in the United States to apply for OPT. This is a requirement that has no exception. If you are outside the country and make arrangements to come back to apply in the middle or towards the end of the semester, there is no guarantee that your application will be approved (based on your I-94 information). Do not risk it. Consult with an ISSS Advisor before making any decision. Visit the OPT page for more information.



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