Soon you’ll be on campus. How exciting! There is a lot to consider before you arrive. While moving to a new country can be intimidating, we’re here for you. Follow the four steps below to make sure you have everything in place before you board the plane.

Confused or worried about any of the steps? Email a student ambassador by choosing your region below and we will answer any questions you have!


We have a team of dedicated enrollment advisors whose job it is to make sure all your questions are answered and to ensure you have a smooth transition to the university.
Before you start on any of the steps below, contact your local enrollment advisor. Simply select your region of the world below, and send your advisor an email, Skype, WhatsApp, or WeChat message. We look forward to meeting you very soon!


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Southeast <br/><span>Asia</span>


South <br/><span>Asia</span>


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North Asia

Middle East

Russia/Central Asia/Eastern Europe

UK and Western Europe

Ngoc Hoang (Vietnam)

Phone number: +84 382 027 922Whatsapp:+84 382 027 922Skype: live:bichngoc.ufmEmail Ngoc

Tiffany Chan (North Asia excluding Korea)

Phone number: +886 903006063WhatsApp: +852 9222 3579 LINE: tiffany-ccc Email Tiffany

Chau Luu (Vietnam)

Phone number: +84 962 442 193 Whatsapp:+84 962 442 193Skype: live:chau.luuquynhEmail Chau

Nikita (India)

Tel: +91 9310587075WhatsApp: +91 9310587075Email Nikita

Isha (India)

Tel: +91 9953550789WhatsApp: +919953550789Email Isha

Rakesh (India)

Tel: +91 9096507300 WhatsApp: +91 9096507300 Email Rakesh

Sahil (India)

Tel: +91- 9811718710WhatsApp: +91- 9811718710Email Sahil

Laxmi (India)

Tel: +91 98183 96406WhatsApp: +91 98183 96406Email Laxmi

Daniyal (Pakistan)

Tel: +92 310 588 8648WhatsApp: +92 310 588 8648Email Daniyal

Valeria (Latin America)

Tel: +57 310 7880364WhatsApp: +57 310 7880364Email Valeria

Sanjukta (North America)

Tel: +91-9820162776 WhatsApp: +91-9820162776 Email Sanjukta

Alexis (North America)

Tel: +1 239-744-9468WhatsApp: +1 239-744-9468WeChat: alexis0426Email Alexis

Sofya (North America)

Tel: +1 347 399 35 72 WhatsApp: +1 347 399 35 72Email Sofya

Samah (Middle East)

Tel: +971 58 831 8521WhatsApp: +971 58 831 8521Email Samah

Alsu Samatova

Tel: +7 939 346 09 59WhatsApp: +7 939 346 09 59Email Alsu

Abbie (North Asia excluding Korea)

Tel:+852 8481 0532 Whatsapp:+852 8481 0532Email Abbie

Chris (Southwest)

Tel:+1-508-948-7542WhatsApp+1-508-948-7542WeChat:chris040594Email Chris

Alice (Northwest)

Tel:+1-857-315-8730WhatsApp:+1-857-315-8730WeChataliceqinusEmail Alice

Taha (Pakistan)

Tel:+92-307-333-6878WhatsApp:+92-307-333-6878Skype:tshahid29Email Taha

Ajith (India)

Tel:+91-971-722-2408WhatsApp:+91-971-722-2408Skype:ajitks10Email Ajith

Bibiane (Korea)

Tel:+82-10-7711-6538WhatsApp:+82-10-7711-6538Email Bibiane

Doris (South China)

Tel+86-150-1870-6751QQ2282183545Email Doris

Ainara Gainedenova

Tel:+7 (778) 887 17 53WhatsApp:+7 (778) 887 17 53Email Ainara

Chau (Vietnam)

Tel:+84-908-792-892WhatsApp:+84-908-792-892Skype:diemchau.dtEmail Chau

Solayide Adenuga (Africa)

Tel:+234.806.662.9088WhatsApp:+234.806.662.9088Email Solayide

Saranya (Excluding Vietnam)

WhatsApp:+66-96-982-0007Skype:awesome.saranyaTel:+66-96-982-0007Email Saranya

Sakshi (India)

WhatsApp:+91-995-351-0160Skype:arorasakshi187Tel:+91-995-351-0160Email Sakshi

Viraja (South & West India)

WhatsApp:+91 7028090894Skype:+91 7028090894Tel:+91 7028090894Email Viraja

Jane (West China)

QQ:713070180Tel:+86.159.2876.6884Email Jane

Lisha (North China)

QQ:18310168200Tel:+86-183-1016-8200Email Lisha

Vicky (North China)

WeChatvickychen7910Tel:+86-135-2182-7910Email Vicky

Your Pre-Arrival Checklist

Setting up your MyAU account

Please visit the Create MyAU Account page to claim your MyAU account. Accessing your MyAU Portal will allow you to complete the remaining steps on this list, including submitting your immunization forms and submitting your photo ID.

Download your I-20

iEagle is AU’s international student portal where international students can communicate with International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at AU to request immigration actions and maintain their record. It is an integral part of your journey at AU as an international students.

Once your I-20 is issued by ISSS, you will receive a notification email with instructions on how to download your I-20 from iEagle . Please log into iEagle using your MyAU account information and download I-20 through New Student > IAP & MAP Program. You also must complete the ISSS pre-arrival process that’s required for you.

*Students who are on different visa types than F-1 do not need to access iEagle.

After you receive your I-20, complete the following steps before booking your visa appointment:
  1. Schedule a free visa information and preparation session with your personal Enrollment Advisor.
  2. Check that the details on your I-20 are correct (including your date of birth) and make sure your name is the same as it appears on your passport.
  3. Prepare the documents you will need to take to the embassy when attending your visa interview.
After you complete the above steps, you should apply for your visa as soon as possible. It requires an interview with the U.S. Embassy and can sometimes take several weeks to schedule.
  1. Complete your Visa Application.
  2. Pay your I-901 (SEVIS) fee.
  3. Visit usembassy.gov to learn more about scheduling your visa appointment, what to expect when you arrive, and the documentation you need to take with you.
  4. Notify your enrollment advisor of the date and embassy of your visa appointment.
  5. Watch these videos to help you apply for your visa and prepare for your interview:
How to Apply for Your F-1 Student Visa
Visa Interview Preparation for Students

Other links that international students find useful:

Undergraduate Non-US High Schools

Please request from your high school counselor(s) all final official transcripts from Grade 9 to Grade 12 in sealed and stamped school envelopes, and a copy of your original certificate of high school graduation/diploma along with certified or notarized English translations. Once you collect all documents, please notify your enrollment counselor for next steps.

If the English translation of the high school diploma is not provided by any of your schools, a notary attesting the English translation that matches exactly the original high school diploma in original language is required. Note: For countries other than China, a Certified English translation suffices.

Undergraduate US High Schools

Please request that your high school counselors email scanned final official transcripts to jmiles@american.edu cc finalofficials@auaccelerator.com.

A-Level or IB official results (if applicable) must be sent to American University directly by the testing agency.

If you attended multiple high schools, the original transcripts with translation (if applicable) will need to be submitted individually following the above-mentioned ways.

If you have any transcripts from post-secondary institute(s), original college transcript(s) will also need to be submitted following the above-mentioned ways – non-US scanned copies of official transcripts and of the school’s sealed envelopes (front and back) and US schools’ transcripts should be submitted to via email to jmiles@american.edu cc finalofficials@auaccelerator.com directly by the school counselor.
Graduate (MAP) students must provide their enrollment counselor with scanned copies of their official academic transcripts of undergraduate studies (bachelor’s degree) and certificate/diploma of graduation (both original certificate and a certified English translation if applicable).
Submit Your ID Photo

All American University students, staff, and faculty may upload a photo on the One Card Photo Submission page on their myAU Portal.

Please follow these steps to submit your One Card photo:

  • Visit the on your myAU Portal. You will need to log in using your AU credentials.
  • Alternatively, log onto your myAU Portal using your AU credentials.
  • Navigate to Personalized Links, Life@AU, One Card Photo Submission.
  • Click “One Card Photo Submission.”
  • Follow the instructions to upload your photo.
  • Submit by the deadline to avoid lines!

One Card Photo Submission page online photo submissions will continue to be received on a rolling basis following the add/drop periods in Fall and Spring semester. If you receive errors uploading your photo, contact the IT Help Desk for 24/7 support at 202-885-2550.

Please see One Card policies for photo-related permissions.

Upload your Visa

After you obtain your F-1 visa, please submit a copy to ISSS through iEagle > New Student > IAP & MAP Program > Submit a copy of your visa and passport. This will ensure that ISSS can reach out to you regarding the post-arrival process that you must complete as an F-1 student.

*Students who are on different visa types than F-1 do not need to submit a copy of their visa.

When purchasing your ticket to Washington, DC, plan to arrive on or before your scheduled move-in day.

Once you book your travel, visit accelerator.american.edu/arrival/ to enter your travel itinerary and confirm your free airport pickup if required. Airport transfer is available at both Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Reagan National Airport (DCA) airports. These important details will help the campus team prepare for your arrival and make your big day go as smoothly as possible.

For all application and payment deadlines as well as move-in and program start dates, Please visit our profile on Shorelight.com for important dates

Discounted Flights

Book your flights through StudentUniverse and benefit from exclusive discounts for students! Get the best deals when you need them and benefit from 24-hour risk-free cancellation.

StudentUniverse has exclusive deals to get you the lowest possible airfare. Use this page to search for the best deals: https://www.studentuniverse.com/travel-services/Shorelight/affiliate/flights

Book discounted flights here.

Making your payment in full two weeks before you arrive will help avoid delays with enrollment.

Before you begin, please make sure you have your offer letter in front of you, as you will need to refer to the information in the letter.

  • Flywire by Peer Transfer: Please visit AU’s flywire portal to complete the transfer process. Please note that you cannot use a US credit card or US bank account.
  • Please be aware that if you do not pay your balance as indicated on your statement of fees by the payment deadline, the following may occur:
    • Late payment fees may be charged.
    • You may have your scholarship and/or waivers rescinded. In such cases, you will be responsible for the full cost of your program.
    • You may encounter delays or other issues enrolling and registering for classes.
You will need to complete and submit the following forms before your arrival.
Immunization Form FERPA Disclosure Form
Fall July 15th July 15th
Spring December 15th December 15th
Summer May 15th May 15th

Submit your proof of vaccination by following these instructions. Upload your documentation as soon as you receive your final dose. Please remember that it takes two weeks after the final dose to be fully immunized. Receiving your final dose and uploading documentation by August 1 ensures that you will be in compliance by August 15 and approved for campus presence.

Incoming undergraduate Accelerator students are required to take a math placement test before they arrive on campus.

You will need to complete this before you leave your home country. Here are the instructions on how to take the exam. Please note: this is not required of incoming Pre-Sessional English Program students or Master’s Accelerator students.



Next Steps Brochure

This useful brochure is full of information on your I-20 paperwork required for your visa, what you should pack, and other tips to prepare you for your arrival to the American University campus.


Immigration Guide

This guide will help you learn more about the process for getting your F-1 visa and arriving in Washington, DC.


Pre-Arrival Checklist

Check off everything on this list to ensure you have completed all the steps before you arrive and bring everything you need to the American University campus.


Orientation Schedule

Here’s an example of what your orientation schedule might look like. During orientation, you will receive a full campus tour, see the sights around Washington, DC, and get to know your fellow international students!


Set Up Your US Phone

We’ve partnered with campusSIMS to help connect you with mobile phone service. Get your US. phone number in your home country and have service that’s ready to use as soon as you land. Click here to get your free SIM card. For more information, visit campussims.com.


Academic Calendar

Plan ahead! This calendar tells you when class starts and ends, and when holidays and exams are happening.