Your authentic U.S. university experience is ready

Imagine the sounds of packing up your books as the last few minutes of class tick by and your professor announces next week’s project. The green grass beckons you as your classmates head to Davenport Coffee for a quick caffeine fix. Students, friends, and teachers bustle around you as someone starts a game of Frisbee under the trees. Welcome to college life at AU.

Your New Home:
Housing at AU

After a long day, head back to your room to relax, read, catch up on studying, and chat with your roommates. Our dorms are equipped with laundry facilities and other amenities, so communal living is easy and enjoyable. These cool living facilities help you build strong relationships with students from around the world.

On Today’s menu

Part of what unites students on college campuses is dining, cooking, and enjoying meals together. Whether you’re making something in your apartment or dining on-campus, we have something to fit every craving!

Can you guess the most popular degree?

At American, nearly 2,000 students major in international studies. This famous and highly respected program is a great choice if you’re considering a career in government, diplomacy, public service, or advocacy.

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