Master's in Mathematics, Information Security (MS)

The Master's in Mathematics, Information Security (MS) was developed to combine courses in applied mathematics, data science, and information technology for a unique specialty. There is no other program in Washington, DC like this.
The Master’s in Mathematics, Information Security (MS) program features:
  • Cutting-edge research, and applying said research to actual data problems for real-world applications
  • The opportunity to take a course in cyber intelligence, national security, or counterterrorism
  • Internship opportunities while earning your degree

Accelerator Admission

Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program Master’s Accelerator Program Pre-Sessional English Language
GPA 3.0 3.0 3.0
IELTS 6.5, no subscore below 5.5 6.0, no subscore below 5.0 5.5
Available Entry Spring or Fall Spring, Summer, or Fall
Qualifying Four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent in any of the disciplines listed below:
Computer/Electrical Engineering: Computer Engineering, Control and Automation Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electrical Engineering Power and Automation, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Power and Machines Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Applied Electronics, Electronic Engineering Optoelectronic Technology, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Science and Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication, Engineering Electronics and Telematics, Information and Computer Engineering, IoT Engineering and Information Technology, IoT Engineering, Mathematics and Information Engineering, Network Engineering, Network Security, Semi Conductor Systems Engineering and Computing, Telecommunication Engineering.
Computer Science: Circuits and Systems, Computer Applications, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Systems and Engineering, Computer Technology, Cyber Security, Information Security.
Computer Systems Engineering: Computer and Network Technology, Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Computer Systems Architecture, IoT Engineering and Information Technology, IoT Engineering, Network Engineering, Network Security, Systems Design Engineering, Systems Engineering and Computing Systems Engineering.
Engineering Physics: Aerospace Engineering, Applied Physics, Biophysics, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology.
Information Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer and Network Technology, Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies, Electronics and Telecommunications, Electronics and Telematics, Information Security, Information Systems, Management Information Systems.
Math Sciences: Applied Math and Computer Science, Applied Math, Information and Computational Science, Information and Computing Sciences, Information Engineering, Information Management and Information Systems, Mathematics and Computing, Operational Research
Cryptography: Cryptography

Sample Coursework

Below is a list of degree-related courses you might take during your Master’s Accelerator Program. Courses may change based on availability and your preferences.
  • Foundation of Mathematics
  • Introduction to Analysis
  • Cryptography
  • Tools of Scientific Computing

Accelerator Admission Details

Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program Master’s Accelerator Program Pre-Sessional English Language
Credits Earned Towards Degree 6 9 0
Progression Into Master’s degree program Master’s degree program Master’s Accelerator Program
Progression Requirements GPA of 3.0 with no grade lower than a C* GPA of 3.0 with no grade lower than a C* Successful completion of the qualifying level in ELTA with a grade of B or higher in each course

*A grade of B or better is required in each degree course for transfer to master’s degree program.

Total credits required for degree: 30 credit hours

Tuition Costs

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