We’ve had a lot going on in the past week with our current students, campus action, and behind the scenes work to prepare for next semester.

Our students got to experience their first American presidential election. Even though the mood among the IAP staff became gloomier as the night went on, the students enjoyed hanging out and having some pizza.

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The reaction on the American University campus was not all pizza and cookies though. There were protests, including a much-talked about flag-burning. Some students, including our IAP cohort, had questions about what this election would mean for the US and their own futures in the country. We reacted by holding a discussion about post-election fears in our Live, Learn, Grow classes, and the university president released a statement on the tense vibe on campus. We’ll share our students’ opinions and reactions in a future post!

Behind all the political drama, we’re busy in the IAP office getting students ready to jump forward to the Spring 2017 semester with course registration and buckling down and studying to wrap this current semester up. We’ll take a much-deserved break from that next week when we have our Thanksgiving party on Monday 11/21 and then a few days of vacation.